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Please help us to make donations to the Humane Society International. 

They are working closely with animal rescue in Ukraine. All donations will go directly to helping the animals in Ukraine.

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Just as you are taking care of animals, we want to take care of you.

We offer Tax Credits for all of your foster pet expenses.

Our Mission

We offer foster parents of animals a tax incentive on their foster pet expenses.

We will forward a donation of yours to a designated animal service or animal. You get the tax credit, they get the money.
We support efforts to bring abandoned and stray animals from St. Lucia and St. Thomas into the
United States and find them loving homes. We also accept general donations that are 100%  tax deductible. 

Our Accomplishments

We have been very busy in our short life to date. We have sent medicine and supplies down to St. Lucia. We have brought dogs back from St. Lucia and found them loving homes. We assisted a grant application for the animal shelter in St. Lucia. 

We sponsored an essay contest on innovation in the animal care kingdom. 

Our Story

This all started on a trip to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I visited with a friend who was very involved with SLAPS, St Lucia Animal Preservation Society. She took me to their shelter to pick up some dogs to bring home to the US. I fell in love with the dogs and wanted to make a donation. Upon further questioning, I realized that they were not a recognized nonprofit which meant no tax credit.  I thought there must be other people like me wanting to donate and receive
 the tax credit. So when I got home I got busy organizing PCI. We have grown to a Board of 5 people who are lovingly committed to supporting foster animals AND their owners.

What We Do

We offer tax credits for all of your foster pet expenses. Join our team of foster parents and receive tax receipts for all of your expenses. Fill out the expense report found on our member page and we will send you an official PCI tax receipt for the full amount. We will also forward a donation of yours to a specific animal service or animal in need that is not a nonprofit.  We will then send you a tax receipt for the full amount.  You receive the tax credit and the animal receives the donation... win-win!! In the future
we would like to be able to subsidize actual expenses, we are working on it. Stay tuned!

Get Involved

You can help in several different ways.
First, you can make a donation to our general fund or to a specific animal rescue or service.

Second, you can offer to foster one of our many animals, mostly dogs at this point, that we bring into the US, legally of course.

Next, you can help spread the word
of our services so that we can help lots
of other people and animals.

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