About us

I was in St Lucia recently and met a woman who managed an animal shelter. She wanted donations but couldn’t offer a tax benefit. She didn’t have the time or the man power to set one up. I offered to set up a non profit organization that her donors could donate to and be assured that their donation would go directly to her shelter. Donors get the tax break and she gets the money. Everyone is happy.

Our Team

We are a tax benefit facilitator of donations to non profit animal services. Donate to us with a specific non profit animal service designation and we will forward your donation to that service. You receive the tax benefit and the animal service receives the donation.



Dog's Portrait
Cathy Ziehl, Esq


Baby Monkey
Lori Rappaport


Siamese Fighting Fish
Jane Cabot


Brown Bear
BJ Comerford

Ambasador to St. Lucia